06 Jun 2018

Case Study: SPORTLER

How RetailerIN helped an Italian retailer optimise staffing and promotions?

Case Study: SPORTLER

This case study reports how the RetailerIN technology has been used by Sportler, an Italian retail chain specialised in sport equipment and mountain gears, for optimising customer services and the effectiveness of promotions.

Challenge and Opportunity

Sportler is an Italian retail chain running more than 20 physical stores in the northern Italy and Austria, specialised in sport and mountain equipment. It also runs a successful e-commerce for reaching out to customers outside the areas covered by its stores.
The stores differ widely in surface, position and focus (some being more focussed on hard-core mountain lovers). In downtown Trento Sportler runs a flagship store, covering four floors for a total of more than 1,000 sqm. The store is open six days a week and features more than 15 staff members.


For the Sportler case we have decided to…

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