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06 Jun 2018

Case Study: SPORTLER

How RetailerIN helped an Italian retailer optimise staffing and promotions? Case Study: SPORTLER This case study reports how the RetailerIN technology has been used by Sportler, an Italian retail chain specialised in sport equipment and mountain gears, for optimising customer services and the effectiveness of promotions. Challenge and Opportunity Sportler is an Italian retail chain [...]
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25 Jul 2016

Case Study: SAIT Pilot

How in-store analytics improved a supermarket profitability? Case Study: SAIT Pilot This case study reports a pilot by Italian grocery retailer SAIT to test how RetailerIN in-store analytics provides insight into layout and display optimization. The net result was an increase in sales of high-margin products. Challenge and Opportunity SAIT is an Italian grocery retailer [...]
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